** Luxury Christmas Crackers ** Each cracker contains a handmade gift from another small business (Super Amazing!!) Wow your Christmas gifts with a set of cracker like no others! These crackers features a New Year celebration design with clocks, balloons, bottles of champagne and some very cute ladies having a good time. Hi, my name is Natalie and after years of disappointing crackers I decided to make my own, and after many trials and errors these amazing crackers were born! This box of crackers contains one cracker of each design, inside each cracker is a gold hat, a funky Christmas fact card and an amazing handmade gift. These crackers have been ruthlessly tested to ensure that they snap and pull perfectly. Each cracker measures approx 45 mm wide and 265 mm long. The crackers are made from responsibility sourced paper and can be recycled using curbside recycling and using the ribbon in other craft projects. Pictures 5, 6 and 7 show examples of the gifts that are contained in each cracker with a value of between £1 to £6.00. (Please note that the gifts may change from time to time due to stock levels but will always be Handmade from another Etsy shop, I love to support other small businesses!!) Personalise your crackers by choosing which colour ribbon you would like them to have (picture 8) from the drop down options. If you would like a larger pack of crackers or are looking for some custom crackers please send us a message. Each box of crackers is sent out within 3 days of your order.